The Pillaged Pantry: Day One

Welcome to The Pillaged Pantry, my first foray into the world of writing about food. There are a million blogs about food, whether you’re looking for a tried and true cake recipe to make for your mum’s next birthday, or if you’re just looking for something to sustain yourself after a long day. I’ve been there myself: 8:30PM on a Thursday night, tired, with limited resources and hunger pangs. Headfirst into the fridge I go, thinking to myself, “I wish I was smart enough to dig through the freezer BEFORE I go to work in the morning…”

Ultimately, though, I always come up with something. It’s not always an inviting dinner – sometimes it’s a plate of cheeses and meats. Sometimes it’s a can of soup and some par-baked buns from the freezer. But sometimes, I look in the fridge and realize that there are any number of things to be had. Don’t be deceived by the condiments, friends; it LOOKS like that’s all you have, but there’s more, I promise.

It’s become increasingly apparent that cooking is a dying art for most people. The idea of cooking a made-up pasta dish after a full day of work seems impossible. You’re tired, you’re hungry, you’re mentally drained from all the contracts you put together that day (oh wait, that was me?), and the LAST thing on your mind is making a mess of the kitchen. At this point, my go to is Chinese takeout. They deliver. So…laziness ensues.

I got to thinking recently about how my mum always cooked everything. I don’t remember having pizza delivered during my childhood. Like, ever. Mum always MADE the pizza. She made the dough, she found some tomato paste and spices in the cupboard, and she scrounged whatever meats, veggies and cheeses she could from the fridge. And it was ALWAYS good. I never once thought, “I wish we could have Pizza Hut instead!” Honestly, I was usually disappointed with it when I actually did get it. Poor mum; I probably said it once or twice as a child, but now that I’m adult, I’m able to admit that I never meant it. Forgive me, mama – your pizza is, and always has been better.

So, I guess I should probably tell you what to expect from me. I considered going full Julie & Julia, but I figured that might just be a little on the crazy side. So, for now, once a week (or more often if I come up with something extra amazing), I’ll post something I made that was delicious and I felt inclined to share. I don’t really cook a lot of things that are complex; that’s more Josh’s department, being a chef and all. What I’m going for is simple but delicious meals, snacks, desserts, and anything else that pops into my head. I’d also like to mention that I use real ingredients – I do everything I can to keep it natural. Understandably, there are some occasions where that’s not possible, so I apologize to my pals out there who are adamant about organics and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to do all my shopping at Whole Foods, but that would mean I probably need to sell a kidney. That place is magical – it’s like Hogwarts.

One more thing to add, before I sign off and get to work on my first instructional post! Being a movie buff and a big nerd, expect a lot of movie references. Think of it as dinner and a show!

I will leave you with an Italian proverb:

“La pruova del testo e la torta.”

For those of you who don’t speak Italian, it means, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Mangia, raggazzi!


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