Say What, Summer?

Well, well, well, Mother Nature. Quite the curve ball…

It’s HOT. I can’t believe it. I was all ready for scarves and jackets and fall. Not complaining or anything! I even got a bit of a tan today.

But anyway, I digress. Tonight’s dinner is a melange of things I already have. We’re going to make up a fancy name for it, but really it should be called “Convenience” because I’m making it up as I go along. That was the whole point of the blog, right? Right.

Kinda like yesterday – my friend Michelle made a lovely tomato sauce and gave me a jar, and I said, “Challenge accepted.” I added hot Italian sausages, bell peppers, cream, pasta and cheese and baked the whole thing. It was amazing. I’ll take more of that sauce, please!


So we’re making chicken tonight. Josh and I did the Costco run yesterday and came home with (let’s face it, it’s a bit ridiculous) a very large quantity of meat, which was then portioned and frozen. If you can believe it, we haven’t had chicken for a while. I swear, I will post when I make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon, so that you’re not ONLY eating poultry.

Right, chicken dinner. What we’re making today is smoked gouda and gypsy salami stuffed breaded chicken breast, with roasted potatoes and kale. Yeah. Flying by the seat of my pants. Josh will give the final verdict.


Puttanesca, really. Not much to it. I considered sending Josh out for lemons (I was craving lemon potatoes), but then I thought, “Nope. What I have already.”

Prep your potatoes – I’ve used salt, pepper, 2 cloves of minced garlic and 3 small sprigs of thyme.


Chop your stuffing (in this case, smoked gouda and gypsy salami) before you do anything with chicken and put the rest away. I’ve butterflied my chicken breast most of the way to leave room for a cheese pocket. CHEESE. POCKET. Trust me on this one.


Close the edges of the chicken around the stuffing and hold closed with toothpicks. You can use butcher’s twine if you’re not going to bread it.


Salt and pepper your panko. I’m using whole wheat but it doesn’t matter much. Coat your chicken as much as you can. You’re welcome to use egg and flour and so forth, but I’m not going to today. I don’t WANNA.



Time for the oven! Potatoes go in at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes. We left ours in for about 30 minutes before putting the chicken in too. They’re stubborn potatoes.

We’re also shocking our kale. You know, when you leave it in the fridge too long and it gets a little wilty? Bowl, cold water, ice. Wake up, sleepy kale!


Let kale soak for 10 minutes, then pull from water and dry. The potatoes are done now, so we’ve pulled them out of the oven and covered them with foil until we’re ready. The chicken is done in 35. Make sure you check the middle!


Last but not least, green stuff time. Put a few tablespoons of butter and some salt in a pan and heat til the butter bubbles. Toss in your kale and a little sploosh of water (I mean really little) and turn to coat your leaves. Wilt only slightly (less than 5 minutes), and then plate your masterpiece.






Josh: “Mm. I’m full.” *pats belly

I read somewhere that a Chinese poet once said, “To recreate something with words is like being alive twice.” Such fun I’m having!


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