We All Scream…

I’m running out of time, so fasten your seatbelts – lots of ice cream coming out of this kitchen in the next week – we’re in crunch mode for the catering gig!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I found that infusing the milk/cream mixture changed the consistency of the end result – it’s almost like the heat separated the fat from the milk solids. I’m not sure “lumpy” is the right word, but that’s how I felt about it. Of course, I’m overly critical of my own work (to the point where I’m irritated if it didn’t turn out just so), so I am grateful for the King/Glazebrook clan & friends for their completely unbiased opinions. If you missed the last post, nearly the whole batch of ice cream went in one sitting. This, of course, could be related to their numbers at suppertime, but I like to think they liked it all the same. 😉

Today’s ingredient list and most of the method will remain the same as You Scream, I Scream, with the exception of the “heat on the stove” step.

I would also like to add that I found the end result of the first trial to be a little too sweet for my taste – this could be a combination of things, but I think I used too much vanilla and too much sugar. Vanilla beans give off much more flavor and sweetness than vanilla extracts, comparatively, so I think this time I’ll forgo the vanilla bean and use a touch of vanilla extract with the same amount of sugar. Like I said before, this is trial and error, so bear with me while I figure it out! I’m confident this go-round will yield a result just slightly more to my liking.

We’ll start by grinding our lavender buds. Initially, I tried to do it in our mortar and pestle, but it was taking too long for my liking and my arm was getting tired. Must remember to grind less at a time. I switched to the electric grinder – I was trying to avoid cleaning it (it’s mainly used for coffee) when I chose the m&p – and it went like stink. There are still a few twigs and bits that probably won’t be nice to eat, so we’ll just strain them out later.

So really, all we’re doing now is whisking all our ingredients together – in a bowl, I have milk, cream, ground lavender, vanilla extract, sugar and a pinch of salt. Whisk until it’s combined and throw it in the fridge for a while, if it’s warmed slightly. You want your base to be as cold as possible, and the same for the bucket for your machine – cold cream and a cold bowl makes the process go faster. Pro-tip! As I mentioned before, we’re going to strain it just before churning to get the sticks out.

Same instructions as last time, now that it’s churned – into a bowl or a bucket or a mason jar, and into the freezer for a couple hours.

The reviews on this one were a little more balanced than the last. I took the tub to work and pawned it off on my unsuspecting coworkers. A good handful enjoyed immensely (I sent the tub home with Laura at the end of the day), and another handful gave constructive feedback – a few thought it was too floral (this opinion came with a disclaimer – “I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten anything lavender before!”), and the sweetness was still a little high for some, but overall I think it went well. One more try, this time with essential oil. I’ll keep you posted!





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