Okay this one is quick – I just had to tell you about it. 

Sometimes, when we have no dessert (a sore day at our house) I turn to instant pudding. Not often, I’ll grant you. But there it is. 

Today, I said to myself, I says, what can I snack on that I have? The grocery list is getting steadily longer so our options are limited. And then I realized it was puddin’ time, but alas! No milk. And yet:

Guys, it’s coconut milk and instant  pudding. It whipped so fast! Josh doesn’t like banana too much and he’s down. The one note we have is that it’s pretty rich, so we recommend it in trifle or in a parfait with fruit (citrus or more bananas?) and granola. 

Make your pudding by the package directions but use 2 c. full fat coconut milk in place of dairy. Whisk that bowl of goodness and refrigerate briefly. 

You’re probably going to feel like you’re eating whipped butter on this one. It is so worth it. 


Afterthought: betcha you could make light cake icing out of that, like if you did a chocolate or a strawberry pudding? Nomnomnom.


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