About the Pillager

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting The Pillaged Pantry.

I’m Robyn, your host for the evening. I’m 28, living in Vancouver, and basically hungry all the time. Not just hungry for the kind of food you eat, but I’m hungry for knowledge and experience in the world of cooking.

My whole life has revolved around food – everything we do in my family is planned around the meals. Family trips to the cabin in the Shuswap have ZERO plans, except for the food. Mum and Auntie meal plan, grocery shop, and structure their vacation days around what we’re eating. I’m not sure they see it that way, but I certainly do, and they’ve passed that on to me. My girlfriends will attest to the fact that I am the meal planner and general grocery list-maker, and am usually heading the prep. Now that Josh is with me, a certified chef, he gets his hands dirty just as much as I do (then wipes them on my clean towels! How like a boy!) and has inspired me more than he’ll ever know.

For a few years, when I went through an ugly end to a very long relationship, I felt my culinary imagination slip. I was losing the creativity I had always longed to expand in the kitchen – the ability to take the ingredients I had to create something delicious and new turned into sheer boredom with my pantry, and dinner became more of a chore than an adventure.

Enter Josh, with his incredible way of making something delicious from seemingly nothing, and making it pretty to boot. Suddenly, doors were opened, my mind ran away with possibilities, and I walked into my small kitchen with my head held high, my eyes bright with wonder at what I’d been missing.

Thus began the idea of The Pillaged Pantry – new recipes for those with limited time and resources. If you do your once-weekly grocery shop diligently, filling your fridge and pantry with versatile ingredients that are standard fare, then you can make ANYTHING just as easily as the next person. A well stocked spice cupboard is a must. Even if you don’t think you use things very often, they’re good to have in small quantities, just in case.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to experiment with flavors. That one time you had that Portobello Mushroom Chicken from Milestones (right; again, that was me) and all you could think about was mushroom cream sauce for a week afterwards? Give it a go! Why not? I believe in you! I’m sending web-based encouragement, always.

So, get going! Pillage that pantry. Raid the refrigerator and stop coming up empty handed, with nothing to snack on but a corner of old cheese and stale crackers! Make those trips to the grocery store full of freshness, and leave the pre-packaged dinners behind. I will do my very best to help you put fantastic food on the table.

Happy eating!



2 thoughts on “About the Pillager

  1. Hi Robyn, anytime you need a suggestion or a recipe you can count on me for some input I think your page is a great idea . Miss you guys was just in Kits on Friday on our way home from our vacation on the Sunshine coast and was thinking about you both . Love ya DERRICK


  2. OMG!! I had no idea this was already up and going!! I had so much catching up to do and spaghetti squash to buy!! Yay so much yum that I can have from you whether near or far! Xoxoox.


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